SportsEngine Registration: The X LeVeL




The X LeVeL has extended its services to basketball, speed, agility and strength with the goal to improve the game we love.  Participants will focus on the fundamentals of the game, body movement and basic nutrition.  We are targeting grades boys and girls at all levels of development.

This registration session will allow you to complete and submit player and parent/guardian contact information.

Training Fees are $40/session

Payments must be made prior to training session.

 First session FREE!


It is the policy of The X LeVeL Athletic Program to promote the development of strong character, a right attitude and a sense of responsibility and citizenship in our youth. It is the purpose of The X LeVeL Athletic Program to achieve this goal through fair play and good sportsmanship with adult leaders providing the example. It is strictly against the policy of The X LeVeL Athletic Program for any person, either as a participant, coach or a spectator to engage in arguments, to use abusive language, to harass or make any threatening gestures towards refs, coaches, players or league officials or to exhibit any behavior not in concert with the general intention of this policy statement. Failure to abide by this policy can result in removal from the event.  Any further incidents may result in permanent suspension from The X LeVeL Athletic Program. Any players caught fighting or found consuming any controlled substance will be suspended from league or tournament play for an amount of time to be determined by the respective TXL Program Director. 


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Antonio Gibson

Antonio Gibson

Phone: 407-375-8968